Festival Yarn

I attended the Jyväskylä Summer Knit Festival this weekend. I hadn’t bought any yarn in a year and a half and had started to run out of some specific colors and kinds of yarn. I had a shopping list, but didn’t even plan on being strict about it. Eventually I bought a bit over two kilos, so enough for quite some time.

Here’s a photo taken on the spot:

Festival yarn

At home I spread them out and took another photo to show them better:

Yarn I bought at the festival, spread on the bed at home. There are 22 skeins of yarn.

Right now they’re all in the freezer to reassure me that there won’t be any bugs in them when I start knitting. I doubt that any bug would have found them in just a couple of hours there outdoors, but I feel much better if I freeze all my yarn when it gets home.

I have an idea for most of those, and can’t wait to get them out of their cold treatment to cast on.

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