Welcome to my site! Here you can find information on my knitting patterns as well as watch videos that I have made on some of the techniques needed in my patterns. My patterns can be purchased via Ravelry, some of them can be downloaded for free. I have also uploaded some of them on Payhip – eventually they can all be found there.

I’m writing a blog on this site, too. The previous blog I had (ending .com) will still exist for some time, but I won’t be updating it anymore. All the posts from that site have been transferred onto this one, editing them to fit the new site better. The English and Finnish text have been separated and sometimes text has been modified a bit during the process. The layout has changed, since the same amount of photos is now distributed among approximately half the amount of text. The content of the old posts is mostly still the same, only the appearance has been modified.

Feel free to send feedback or what ever is on the top of your mind!